Testimonials about Campfire Crew’s “Be the One to Stand Up to Bullying Concert”

“Thank you for your excellent concert... It was very engaging and, being a Kindergarten teacher, I appreciated how accessible you made the concept for us, particularly through your use of fairy tales. That was brilliant! You provided us with a lot of conversation starters for the rest of the week... Every school should be allowed to benefit from your performance.”

~ June Warwick Cleaver, Teacher, Murray Centennial Public School, Trenton

“The Campfire Crew put on a great show! It was interactive and engaging and the students had a great time. The message about bullying was clear and the kids really got it. I would love to see them again next year!”

~ Emily Scott, Teacher, Duke of Cambridge Public School, Bowanville

“Karen and Andrew were able to engage a gym full of grade 1 - 4 students about how a bystander can make a difference when they see bullying. Their message through interactive songs and storytelling allowed the students to reach a safe place where they could share how they can stand up to bullying. Thanks for helping us promote that anyone can stand up to bullying. You are awesome!”

~ Renee Cameron, Vice-Principal, Merwin Greer Public School, Cobourg

“The children were absolutely delighted by your performance! They felt like they were part of the show and their active participation helped create lasting memories for our school. The anti-bullying messages were clear and reinforced by the lesson plans. Your music helped empower students to stand up for each other and be helpful bystanders.”

~Alana Hardy, Vice-Principal, Toronto District School Board