The following lesson plans are based on these two music videos:

“It Just Takes One”          “Bystander”

    Learn the songs and complete the worksheets.

  1. Bullet It just takes one fill in blanks.pdf

  2. Bullet Bystander fill in blanks.pdf

    Read the book, All It Takes is One Friend.

    Have a class discussion about bullying.

  1. Bullet Bullying can take on many forms.pdf

  2. Bullet How does it feel.pdf

    Make a Bystander Plan.

  1. Bullet Heads up.pdf -- identify places where bullying can happen

  2. Bullet Empathy.pdf -- ways to show care and concern

  3. Bullet Loud voice.pdf -- things to say to stop bullying

  4. Bullet Place.pdf -- how to get the victim to safety

  5. Bullet My Bystander Plan.pdf -- worksheet

  6. Bullet School Hotspot Map.pdf

    Additional activities

  1. Bullet HELP cube.pdf

  2. Bullet HELPFUL BYSTANDERS.pdf poster for classroom