Stand Up to Bullying!

A Highly Interactive Concert that

Motivates Kids to be Helpful Bystanders

Celebrate friendship and stand tall!  Our silly and singable musical performance promotes a positive, inclusive school culture. We aim to give kids courage and meaningful language they can use to become helpful bystanders.

“The children were absolutely delighted by your performance! They felt like they were part of the show and their active participation helped create lasting memories for our school. The anti-bullying messages were clear and reinforced by the lesson plans. Your music helped empower students to stand up for each other and be helpful bystanders.”

~Alana Hardy, Vice-Principal, Toronto District School Board

Reinforce your school’s awareness and commitment to anti-bullying initiatives:

Bullying Awareness Week 

Pink Shirt Day

International Day of Pink

Random Acts of Kindness Week

•Spirit Week

 Grades K to 4
 60 minute concert 
 Lesson plans
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SAMPLE  WORKSHEETBullying_files/My%20Bystander%20Plan.pdf